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Phone: 3315690
Fax: 3314334
Email: [email protected] & [email protected]

1. Fiji Law Society Convention - 1/8/2003, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Yanuca Island

All Members are advised that the Registration for the Fiji Law Society Convention is now closed. In this regard, please note that there will be no refunds for cancellation of attendance.

Those Members/ Firms who are entitled for refunds, your vouchers will be processed shortly.
Those Members who are registered for the Convention will be accommodated at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort
Name Tags must be worn at all times for easy identification. They will be given to you at the Registration on Friday 1/8/2003. Members will not be allowed to any function without their Name Tags.
Check-in-Time on Friday 1/8/2003 at the Hotel at 2.00pm. We have been advised by the Management that if you arrive early, you will have to wait if your room is not ready.

2. Fiji Law Society Website.

All Members are advised that the long outstanding Fiji Law Society Website is now available on-line for Members. Members can log into the website address:

Arrangements are being currently pursued to establish a hyper-link with the Queensland Law Society and relevant local websites.

3. Chartered Accountants as listed under the Fiji Institute of Accountants Act. Cap 259 as at 31st May 2003 registered to conduct Audit of Trust Accounts of Law Firms

Members are advised that the Fiji Institute of Accountants have brought to the Society's attention that the following Auditors listed hereunder are qualified to audit Law Firms Trust Accounts. This list was advertised in the Fiji Government Gazette No. 31 dated Friday, 6 June 2003, Vol. 3. By a Resolution of the Fiji Law Society Council on 21/6/2003, those members who have previously engaged the services of Auditors not listed below will be requested to have their 2001/2002 Trust Accounts re-audited immediately. Please note that failure to do this, will result in withdrawal of your 2003 Practising Certificates by the Society.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Chartered Accountants in Public Practice - Government Gazette

1. Ali, Nur Bano 19. Pandey, Hirday Nath
2. Apted, Lisa Jane 20. Patel, Nalin Kumar
3. Boila, Ilaitia 21. Patel, Pradeep
4. Chung, Francis Hoo Too 22. Pickering, Steven Munro
5. Cohen, Robert James 23. Prasad, Sambhu
6. Crosbie, William Ernest 24. Prasad, Vishnu
7. Gandhi, Nitin Suresh 25. Seeto, Jenny
8. Hemraj, Dhiraj Lal 26. Seru, Simon
9. Ho, Anthony 27. Sharma, Sunil Deo
10. Jokhan, Anjinish Lata 28. Singh, Rana
11. Kado, Jerome 29. Sutton, Bruce
12. Khan, Zarin 30. Taylor, Phillip
13. Lal, Jawahar 31. Tuinamuana, Sikeli
14. Mishra, Arun 32. Underhill, Neil
15. Naiveli, Ioane 33. Venkata, Ramani
16. Nandha, Chhaganlal 34. Whiteside,Gardiner
17. Narain, Shyam 35. Yam, Chirk Hoy
18. Narsey, Arun Kumar 36. Yee Joy, Michael

* Please call the Secretary for any queries in this matter.

4. Continuing Legal Education Programme 2003

Continuing Legal Education Seminar for Months of June/July/August 2003

Topic: "Evidence-Recent Developments"
Speaker: Mr. Devanesh Sharma - Messrs. R. Patel & Sharma
Dates, Venues and Time as follows:
" To be advised later for Labasa Members

Topic: "Consumer Credit Act - actions by Mortgagors/Guarantors
for Unjust transactions or for review of contracts"
Speaker: Mr.Subhas Parshotam - Messrs. Parshotam & Co.
Dates, Venues and Time as follows:
1 July 2003 Suva JJ's Conference Room 5.30pm-6.30pm
15 July 2003 Lautoka Waterfront Hotel 5.30pm-6.30pm
24 July 2003 Labasa Hotel Takia 6.00pm-7.00pm

Topic: "Family Law Bill"
Speaker: Ms. Imrana Jalal - Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT)
Dates, Venue and Time as follows:
24 July Labasa Hotel Takia 7.30pm-8.30pm

Topic: "The Fair Trading Decree - An Overview"
Speaker: Mr. Richard Naidu - Messrs. Munroleys
Dates, Venue and Time as follows:
9 August Lautoka Waterfront Hotel 5.30pm-6.30pm
18 August Labasa Hotel Takia 6.00pm-7.00pm
21 August Suva JJ's Conference Room 5.30pm-6.30pm

5. FLS Merchandise

The Fiji Law Society is selling attractive silver ballpoint pens at a cost of $20 each. The pens were custom ordered from Australia. Specially designed Fiji Law Society neckties are also available for purchase at $35 each. These items will be sold at the FLS Convention.

6. Notice of 2003 Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that the 2003 Annual General Meeting of the Fiji Law Society will be held on Saturday, 20th September 2003 at 2.00pm at the Warwick Fiji, Korolevu.


  • To adopt the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on 21st September 2002
  • To consider the Council's Report on the activities of the Society and its audited accounts for the year ended 30th June, 2003 (to be circulated)
  • Election of Fiji Law Society Council including President, Vice President and six Council Members
  • Election of an Auditor
  • To consider any Notice of Motion
  • General Business

Nominations for Appointment/Elections to the Council of the Fiji Law Society

Nominations are now open for all appointments/elections of the Fiji Law Society Council. This shall be in writing and signed by two members of the Society with the consent of the Nominee endorsed on the Nomination Form. This must be lodged with the Secretary, no later that 3.00pm on Friday 29 August 2003 (Regulation 13).


Any Member desiring to move a motion at the Annual General Meeting and/ or any notice of proposed alteration of or addition to the Regulations of the Fiji Law Society together with the terms of such alteration or addition must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 3.00pm on Friday, 29th August 2003 (Regulations 29 and 40).

A Nomination Form is attached on Page 5.


Date: ……../……./2003

The Secretary
Fiji Law Society
P O Box 2389
Government Buildings

Dear Sir

Re: Council of the Fiji Law Society Nomination 2003/2004

I, ______________________________ of ____________________, solicitor, being a current member of the Fiji Law Society nominate:


as * President of the Fiji Law Society for the year 2003/2004 year.
* Vice President
* Council Member

Sgd: ____________________

I, _______________________________ of ______________________, Solicitor, being a current member of the Fiji Law Society, second the above nomination.

Sgd: ____________________

I, ______________________________ of ______________________, Solicitor, being a current member of the Fiji Law Society, accept the said nomination.

Sgd: ____________________

* delete as appropriate

7. International Practice Diploma Programme

This course is being offered by the International Bar Association and The College of Law of England and Wales. Some of the modules include:

  • International Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law
  • International Capital Markets
  • International Arbitration
  • Administering a Successful Law Office
  • Human Rights Law and Practice
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Computer Law

The completed forms must be sent to The College of Law by close of business on 7 July 2003.

For further information and application form please contact: International Practice Diploma Programme, The College of Law, Braboeuf Manor, Portsmouth Road, St Catherines, Guildford, GU3 1HA United Kingdom DX: 2400 Guildford Tel: +44 1483 460200 Fax: 44 1483 460306 email: [email protected] website:

8. United Nations Institute for Training and Research

THE UNITAR launched it Environmental Law Programme (ELP) and one of the main activities of the programme is a long distance training course in international environmental law. The overall goal of the programme is to raise awareness and to improve general knowledge in international environmental law, strengthening capacities for the implementation of environmental law obligations.

For further information, please contact Ms Sueli Ggiorgetta in Environmental Law Programme on Tel: +41229178474 email: [email protected] web:

9. Upcoming Conferences June 2003

" 28-6/7 9th Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory Biennial Conference. Port Douglas, Queensland. Contact: Lyn Wild. Ph: 08 8981 1875 fax: 08 8941 1639 email: [email protected]
" 29-5/7 Europe Asia Legal Conference. Positano/Praiano. Contact: Rosana Farfaglia. Ph: 3236 2601 fax: 3210 1555 email: [email protected]
" 30-1/7 IBA World Women Lawyers' Conference, London, UK
July 2003

" 9-15 Celtic Pacific Legal Conference. Dublin. Contact Rosana Farfaglia. Ph: 3236 2601 fax: 3210 1555. Email: [email protected]

August 2003
" 1-3 Fiji Law Society Convention 2003, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Sigatoka.
Contact Secretariat ph: 3315690 fax: 3314334 email: [email protected]
" 17-23 New Zealand Law Society on Litigation Skills, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact: Theresa Lent, NZLS, P O Box 5041/DX SP20202, Wellington for registration forms.
" 17-20 Canadian Bar Association Annual Conference, Montreal. Contact: Canadian Bar Association ph: 161 3237 2925 fax 161 3237 3726 email: [email protected] website:
" 28-30 President of Law Association (POLA), Hong Kong

September 2003
" 1-5 18th LAWASIA Biennial Conference: A Dynamic Asia Pacific, Tokyo. Contact: LAWASIA ph: 08 8946 9500 fax: 08 8946 9505 email: [email protected] website:
" 14-19 Business Law International Conference, San Franciso. Contact: IBA ph: 44 20 7629 1206 fax: 44 20 7409 0456 email: [email protected] website:

October 2003
" 9-11 High Court of Australia, Centenary Celebration, Canberra. Contact: Anu ph: 02 6249 2331 fax: 02 6249 4933 email: [email protected]

November 2003
" 14-16 Attorney-General's Conference, Outrigger Reef Fiji. For any further information, please contact Mr. Kiniviliame Keteca at AG's Chambers on Tel: 3307824 Fax: 3306404 email: [email protected]

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