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Members are again reminded that pursuant to Section 12 (1) of the Trust Accounts Act, Auditors Reports and Trustees Reports for the financial period ending 30.09.2002 would be due for submission by 29.11.2002.

Trustees are therefore advised to make necessary arrangements to comply with the above.


Members are reminded that the Practice Management Course scheduled for 16th November 2002 has been postponed to the first quarter of 2003. This was due to few members registering for the course. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

3. Review of Bills.

(i) Review of the Liquor Act

This is to inform all members that Council Member, Mr. Ronald Rajesh Gordon is preparing a submission on the review of the Liquor Act. The closing date for the submission is 22 November 2002. Members are therefore advised to send in their written views/comments to Mr. Gordon at P O Box 600, Lautoka or Email [email protected] or fax 6665296 by Close of Business Tuesday 19 November 2002.

    1. Family Law Bill 2002

This is to inform all members that Council Member, Mr. Ronald Rajesh Gordon is preparing a submission on the review of the Family Law Bill 2002. The closing date for the submission is 28 February 2002. Members are therefore advised to send in their written views/comments to Mr. Gordon at P O Box 600, Lautoka or Email [email protected] or fax 6665296 by Close of Business Friday 3 January, 2003.

  1. Continuing Legal Education Programme.
  2. Further to our earlier flyer a CLE programme has been scheduled for Friday the 15/11/2002 at the Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka and in Labasa on Friday 29/11/2002 at the Hotel Takia in Labasa.

    The Speakers are:

    Mr. Hemendra Nagin Topic: Advocacy

    Mr. Subhas Parshotam Topic: Legal Practitioners ( Remuneration: Non- Contentious

    Business) Rules 2002.

    Please note the submission by FLS in respect of the Legal Practitioners (Remuneration: Non- Contentious Business) Rules 2002 to the Cost Review Committee will be based on the contributions made by members at this CLE which has been specifically scheduled for this purpose.

    In this regard, members are reminded to bring with them their copy of the draft Legal Practitioners (Remuneration: Non-Contentious Business) Rules 2002 to the CLE which was circulated to all members in the May Newsletter 2002.

  3. International Legal Affairs

International Bar Association /College of Law of England and Wales. Practice Diploma Scholarship Programme.

A limited number of scholarships are available for candidates applying for the International Practice Diploma distance learning programme.

Applicants can obtain more information about the Programme, including an Application Form, from or or by contacting International Practice Diploma Programme, The College of Law, Braboeuf Manor, Portsmouth Road, St. Catherines, Guilford, Surrey, GU3 1 HA, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 (0) 1483 460200 Fax: +44 (0) 1483 460306 email: [email protected].

You may contact Ms. Mehzabeen for more information at the Secretariat.

6. Conferences

    • Law Firm Leadership and Management of Change

This Conference will be held from 3 - 4 December 2002 in Sydney, hosted by Alan Hodgart, Hildebrandt International. Mr. Hildebrandt has worked with senior law firm management for over 20 years and is highly experienced in the design and implementation of law firm strategy. Members can click on the following link or email on [email protected] for more information.

You may contact Ms. Mehzabeen for more information at the Secretariat.

    • 5th LAWASIA Business Law Conference

This Conference is to be held in New Delhi from 17-19 January 2003. Some of India’s best known legal minds have worked towards addressing the Theme: "Business LAWASIA in the E-Commerce Age – Issues for the Asia – Pacific Region". The organisers have assembled a range of excellent speakers from around the region to share information.

Registration Details:

Member Non Member Accompanying Person

US$550 US$650 US$325

The LAWASIA ExCo and the conference organising committee have decided to give discount in conference registration fees to Fiji practitioners, to encourage this interest. They have agreed to reduce fees by US$150.

LAWASIA is also pleased to offer (2) awards of up to AU$2000 each to young lawyers (with less than five years experience in practice) of the region who have an interest in attending this conference. The recipients will be adjudged inter alia to the contribution that they will be able to make to their home jurisdiction as a result of attendance at the conference.

Please contact Ms. Mehzabeen for further information at the Secretariat.

    • The 13th Commonwealth Law Conference

This is being held in Melbourne, Australia in April 2003. Members can click on the following link to be provided with an explanatory letter and relevant explanatory application forms.

All queries regarding this scheme are to be directed to the Chair of the Delegates’ Assistance Scheme Committee, Miss Victoria Strong by email [email protected] or at the address found in the materials provided by her committee.


    • New Zealand Law Society Seminar.

This will be held in Auckland from 26 – 28 February, 2003 at Waipuna Hotel, Mt Wellington. A Workshop for lawyers considering seeking listing as counsel for the child – techniques, challenges and issues. Since listing requires a minimum of five years practice in the Family Court, would be participants should have a minimum of three years experience in the Family Court.

For registration forms, please contact Ms. Mehzabeen at the Secretariat.

  1. Offer of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    To All Members


I am aware of the large number of civil actions now pending particularly in the High Court at Lautoka and to a lesser extent in Suva.

As a retired Chief Registrar I wish to offer my services to the Fiji Law Society to introduce A.D.R by way of mediation, arbitration and settlements to help dispose of some of these cases.

The pending cases would be identified by the lawyers' on record as suitable for this method of disposal. I have attended A.D.R seminars with High Court Judges in the USA and New Zealand and have considerable expertise in this field.

During my time as Chief Registrar between 1993 and 2000 I have had numerous cases referred to me by the Fiji Court of Appeal, the present Chief Justice, Hon. Justices Byrne, Pathik, Scott and Gates which I was able to successfully dispose of.

If my proposal is acceptable to the Fiji Law Society the remuneration for my services is to be fixed by the judge who has the conduct of the files. I am prepared to travel to any district convenient to the parties concerned to implement this scheme.

In my informal discussion with the Hon. Chief Justice and Suva High Court judges on the 11th of September 2002 and in an earlier discussion with the Lautoka High Court Judges, the proposal has met excellent support from their Lordships.

I commend my proposal to your society for consideration and look forward to your kind response.

Yours faithfully,

M. C. Rai Unquote"

The above letter is being circulated for members information. Members can contact Mr. Rai at the following address: C/ Skylodge Hotel, P 0 Box 9222, Nadi Airport.


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